18pc BBQ Utensil Set

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VonHaus 18pc BBQ Utensil SetWhether you’re preparing, cooking, serving or eating – this comprehensive barbecue set contains everything you need – all wrapped up in a convenient carry case.Set Includes1 X Fork – prick sausages to let the fats run out and easily handle all barbecue foods.1 X Spatula – essential for flipping burgers and ensuring a thorough cook on each side.1 X Cleaning Brush – keep your utensils in like-new condition using this specially designed cleaning brush – built to make scrubbing away stubborn burned on foods, fats and grease much easier.1 X Silicone Brush – heat resistant, use this brush to coat your grill in oil and prevent sticking. You can also use it to coat meats in marinades.1 X Tong – grab your meats and vegetables and easily move them around the grill or place on your plate.8 X Corn Holder – enjoy tasty barbecued corn on the cob without getting messy hands. 1 X Spoon – serve up all your accompaniments – like onions, mushrooms and sauces4 X Skewers – combine all your favourite meats and vegetables on one convenient metal skewer. Presented in an aluminium carry case, your barbecue tools will always be organised, accessible, easy to transport and easy to store.Dimensions:Aluminium Carry Case: 46 X 22 X 8cm (L X W X H)1 X Fork: 42 X 3cm (L X W)1 X Spatula: 42.5 X 8cm (L X W)1 X Cleaning Brush: 40.4 X 6.4cm (L X W)1 X Silicon Brush: 40.8 X 4.2cm (L X W)1 X Tong: 42.3 X 5cm (L X W)8 X Corn Holders: 6.6 X 1.8cm (L X W)1 X Spoon: 39.8 X 6.2cm (L X W)4 X Skewers: 41.5 X 2.2cm (L X W) SKU: 17-033