You are looking at a great Pedestal Charcoal BBQ which offers the finest in design and quality. The grill is the perfect charcoal grill with wheels. Constructed of high temperature powder iron, the clever design allows this unit to stand in a stable position.Features:Grilling height 56cm Windshield, firebowl, pedestal and base. Cooking grill and carbon grill. Besides being as a barbecue, the charcoal grill is also used for making smoked food BBQ forks of linkage design. Stainless Steel charcoal grid. Nylon wheels with lock. Carbon disco of high quality. A shelf at bottom for goods. Ventilation disc in the pedestal, for easily adjustable heat. NOTE: Do not insert use paper, carboard, or similar material into the flames or coals. Charcoal can’t be above 70% capacity of charcoal net. Do not build large fires in this product. It’s intended for small fires only.Specification:Heat Resistance: 300℃(Red, high temperature powder), 600℃(Black, high temperature enamel) Overall Dimension: 45×47.5x70cm Grilling Height: 56cm Furnace Dimension: 45x45x11.5cm Cap: 46x46x11.5cm Grilling Net: 42x39cmcm Carbon Net: 36*36cm Shelf: 38×43.5cm Colour: Red/Black Gross/Net weight: 4.5kg/3kg Custom Label: 01-0569